Brand Awareness

We are a Christian non-profit organization.

Why are our programs valuable? Why do we care? Because we know first-hand awareness , experiences and partacking in programs like ours changes hearts, minds and ultimately inspires young people to reach their full potential. We don’t want young people to get stuck in the past or to get stuck in cycles of negativity. We can speak authentically about the challenges, struggles and despair of what we’ve seen and unfortunately experienced first-hand. We know the teen years are a time of change and a desire to conform. Our programs give hope and encouragement. Our programs are gender specific and drive action and growth. We serve with integrity, innovation and authentic leadership. We are on a mission. To further our mission, our message is consistent and our programs reinforce our vision: RISE, REACH and REDEFINE the impossible. This is our purpose and passion.

God is the Wind, we are Kites, this is how WE RISE.

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