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December 6, 2017
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2018- The Year to Blossom

As stated by Angela Duckworth in her Best Selling Book,  Grit, “enthusiasm is common, endurance is rare”.  January is a year of new beginnings, marked by the new year.  Each year, people reflect on their past and challenge themselves to actively create change.  In this new year, I challenge  you to BLOOM by passionately PURSUING your personal greatness.  Don’t fall into patterns of negative thinking or allow fear or doubt to anchor your thoughts and prevent you from becoming what God intended you to be.  I challenge you to BLOOM BY BEING COURAGEOUS.   Discouragement is common especially if  you  have tried something and failed at it;  but remember we don’t face situations alone. God is always there to help guide us and gives us the strength to pursue  all things (Philippians 4:18).  In 2018,  we challenge you to BLOOM by SERVING others.  Serving others allows you to model a Christ-like attitude and frames your behavior.   

As you pursue personal greatness and model Christ-like behavior by serving others , don’t allow negative thoughts to permeate your mind or drive your actions.  If you fall, get back up, if you stumble,  try again, if you cry  or get frustrated in the process, wipe your tears and try again.  But whatever you do,  don’t give up or give in.   Keep trying. Keep believing, Keep going. Don’t let your fear or other emotions outweigh your faith.  Bloom by leveraging your talents to pursue your goals and overcome obstacles and challenges.  We serve the almighty God who can transform any situation.  

So, why is enthusiasm common and endurance rare?  How can we BLOOM? Quite simply it all comes down to one powerful word- resilience.   It’s what we need to keep going even if it’s hard and when we are challenged or tired or discouraged or fed up. We need to be resilient.    What is resilience?  According to Webster’s Dictionary, resilience means to spring back into shape after being compressed and stretched.   Drive change with passion and resilience.   To that end, our challenge for you is to Bloom in 2018.   

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Our message is simple:  RISE, REACH and REDEFINE the impossible.  

Vision + Goals + Determination =  Success


Make a plan: and then God says, ‘I’ll direct your steps.’ Myles Munroe

Anyone can be Redefined with courageous and fearless, intentional pursuits.  

How? God is the Wind, we are Kites, this is how WE RISE.  


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